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Money to spend in Facebook games

There is a way to obtain real money in a Paypal account and use it in Facebook games to:

  • Buy coins in Pet Society
  • Buy coins in Restaurant city
  • Buy Yocash and coins in Yoville
  • Buy Cash in Minigolf Party and Bowling buddies
  • Buy WP(war points) in World War
  • Buy SP in Set war
  • Buy bonification points  (SP) in Friends in sale
  • Buy Silver Coins in Friend Facts
  • Create an account Pro in Word Challenge, Geo Challenge and/or Who has the biggest brain?¿
  • Buy PlayFish Cash in Pet Society
¡¡¡It's an easy and free way!!!
I explain you,there is a page that pays you to see publicity in Internet and therefore the money obtained is cashout to a Paypal account,in this way you will be able to request your payment and spend it in any Playfish game. 

Step 1: Enter to Neobux  clicking here

To register click in Register as in the example of the image

Paso 2: Complete formulary
Complete the formulary with yor real information

Username: Like a nick,you'll use it to enter tu your account.

Password: The password of your Neobux account.

Password confirmation: Confirm your password
Email: Enter your email
AlertPay/PayPal Email: Enter your  Alertpay orPayPal email. In case we do not have one,we can create one later with the email adress we enter here.

Birth Year: You will be asked for this in case you forget your password.

Imagen Verification: Enter the code that you see. (in your case will be a diferent one)

Once you completed the formulary; click in Continue.

Paso 3: Verify email

Check your email

Neobux will send you a mail with a code to verify,copy and paste this code

Now click in Finish Registration,you are registered now...

Let's start earning money now

1: Enter to the main page of  NeoBux

2:  Login in your account

3: Login entering your username and password,we leave in blank secondary password

 4: Once you are logged,sometimes you are sentto the beginning page,something like this:

Don't worry because you are already logged,if you see in the top of the page syour username,that means you are correctly logged.To see your statistics click in your Userrname,ain this case tulocura. The most important part comes now,consists in viewing the ads to earn money.To do this click in View Advertisements.

 5: In this part you will see the ads,once you click an ad,a red circle will appear,click it and the ad will be opened in a new window.

6: Take the time to visit the ad,once a message like in this image appears close the windows and do this for every ad.


7: Ads reset everyday,so do not forget to click them everyday.

8: Once you hace reached the minimum payment that is two dollars,you can cashout clicikng on Your Payment  in your account..
-Choose the Paypal method payment..
-Confirm your payment method and transaction.Confirman su metodo de pago y transacción.
-That's all!!! You have your first dollars in your Paypal account to be spent in Facebook games..

9: To earn more money and in a faster way:
-In your main menu click on "Banners" from the left column.
- Copy the line that says Link.
-Invite your friends to register under your name..
-That's all,now you will start earning more money.
Note 1: To receive your payments you should open a Paypal account,to do this click here
In PayPal, register a "Personal account", entering your information (the mail should be real to validate your account). After that, checl your mail inbox to access the linkthat verifies your free account. If you are asked to enter a credit card number or a Bank account,just click oncancel since it is not necesary in order to have a Paypal account.
 Note 2: In Neobux you shouldn't create more than one account per modem,otherwise all your accounts will be suspended permantly.

Good luck and best wishes.

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